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Health-care Service


Guidance for Health Care Service

The medical service of Sorokdo National Hospitalis focused on treatment of Hansen's disease and prevention of lesion through early curing of complication.
We help patients to successfully comeback to the community through encouraging to overcome dependent attitude and to stand on their own feet.

The hospital operates 10 medical care departments, namely Internal treatment department, Surgical department, Dermatology department, Dental department, Ophthalmology department, Otolaryngology department, Urology department, Pain medicine department, Psychiatric department, Orthopedics department.

Oriental medicine department and several medical care supporting divisions, namely Pharmaceutical department, Nursing department, Radiology section, Clinical pathology section, Physical therapy section, Orthosis manufacturing section for proper care. The hospital is also operating local medical centers in each village with permanent arrangement of nursing staffs to support principal medication or to treat leprous ulcer.

Especially for the patients who require hospitalizing, we accommodate in main care center and intensely take care of them. We are performing specialized treatment for specific patients in the certain centers, such as, ward for visual impaired person (established in November 1987), phychosis ward for senile disease (established in March 1990) and [Help House] which is ward for the weak and the elderly (established in May 2002).

Furthermore, we are building up cooperative care system with local private hospitals (Nokdong Hyundai hospital, Goheung general hospital, Suncheon St. Carollo hospital, Yeosu Ae-yang rehabilitation hospital, Jeonnam national university hwasun hospital, Jeonnam national university hospital) for effective medical care service, and putting our heart and soul into protection of patients by making full use of nursing staffs system.

Like these, we are making every effort to provide medical service of high quality for inpatients and we are doing our best for early elimination of Hansen's disease in accordance with government policy of Hansen's disease management.