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Purpose of Foundation

As a part of the government policies for improving national health care, Sorokdo National Hospital was established to supply specialized treatment and sheltered-care, to promote their welfare, to support their daily life for Hansen's disease patients. This hospital also help the negative-cured to improve self-supporting ability, to let them eventually comeback to the community. Sorokdo National Hospital 's intensive research on Hansen's disease contributes to early elimination of the disease.

Major Activities

Examination and treatment for Hansen's disease patients
  • Specialized treatment for Hansen's disease patients
  • Treatment of complication caused by Hansen's disease
  • Research on Hansen's disease
Support for patients' daily life
  • Promotion of Hansen's disease patients' welfare and quality of life
  • Encouraging patients to fight against disease through treatment and support on aesthetic sentiments
  • Supporting independence and self-reliance for the cured to comeback to the community
Education and Management of volunteers
  • Education of volunteers
  • Drawing volunteers and manage them
  • Development of volunteer program