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Guidance for Volunteer work

Sorokdo National Hospital is carrying out theoretical and practical education including the knowledge about Hansen's disease for volunteers, to support their systematic and professional volunteer work, and to improve volunteer work in quality.

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We are developing and operating variety of volunteer programs, such as, education of volunteer experience, morning services (assisting patients to have breakfast),weekend environmental cleaning, Chuseok(New Year's Day) volunteering and nursing service, to provide various services for patients. We are also carrying out on-the-job training for Social Work Department students of colleges.

Though Volunteer Center equipped with accommodation and living facilities, we provide cheerful surroundings for volunteers. Extensive supply of food expenses and commodities for long-term volunteers are parts of our effort to improve their living condition.

In addition, we are opening discussion meeting in every quarter of the year to listen about and discuss the difficulties that volunteers feel in their work or daily life, and giving rewards to the selected sincere volunteers. We are making every effort to console and encourage the volunteers serving for patients with great love.

General Affairs Department : 82-61-840-0583